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BBC accused for Focusing on buttocks of Tennis player in Wimbledon

BBC is accused for Focusing on Players’ Buttock in Wimbledon.


The British broadcaster has been accused by viewers for lingering their cameras for too long on women tennis players’s ‘knickers and buttocks’. Some of the complaints go as far as questioning the recurring slow motion shots of women ‘jumping up and down’.

A lot of complaints came in when world Eugenie Bouchard was in action – the World No 48 was one of the players who wore the controversial Nike Premier Slam dress which apparently reveals too much flesh.

This controversy comes close on the heels of another one for the BBC – their presenter Andrew Castle had commented on tennis player Marcus Willis’ girlfriend Jennifer Bate. The Briton was playing in a dream clash against Roger Federer when Castle said that it was a pity his dentist didn’t look like Bate.

Bate said she didn’t take any offence, but Castle has apologized anyway.

It’ll be interesting to see how one of the most respected broadcasters in the world reacts to the complaints of showing too much skin.

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