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Bellarus president asked his Country to get naked and Work and they actually did that

Usually you don’t see the PM give interviews because he is simply not prepared to take the risk. There are no press conferences either. The possibility of tough questions cropping up — remember Modi walking out of the Karan Thapar interview? — is very high and in the age of social media, simply not worth it. The most senior political figures have a new way of dealing with tough interviews… they avoid them altogether. So when Modi gave his okay, you had a good idea of what was coming your way.

But here, with Arnab, we expected answers to some questions that have truly gnawed at Indians for the two years that Modi has been in charge. Instead, we got, what was summed up by many, as little more than PR.

Legendary news anchor David Frost, who gained notoriety for his interviews with US President Richard Nixon and Secretary of State Henry Kissinger, once spoke about what it means to interview someone:

“It is not the questions that matter, it is the answers. Some form of relationship is needed between the two people. It may be mutual respect or dislike. It may be asking questions that have not been asked before and of course listening to the answers but above all, there needs to be a rapport of some kind between the two people and ideally you ask questions that they haven’t answered before or they give new answers to the questions.”


There was a relationship on display here as well. Modi was clearly in-charge. He spoke and Arnab listened, without ever resorting to the kind of cross-questioning that he is famous for.

Still, this was a bit too much. There was giggling, there was adulation, there were long monologues, indeed… there was anything but the questions the nation really needed Arnab to ask.

Who really says stuff like: ‘By the way Mr Prime Minister it was a fantastic speech,’ or ‘You were laughing and cracking jokes while you delivered the speech which was very unique.’ or ‘Mr Prime Minister, if I may say so, between May 8 and now, you are speaking as straight as you did before you took over as Prime Minister.’

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Well, the President wasn’t entirely at fault here. The President wanted to tell people to “develop themselves”, but ‘develop’ and ‘get undressed’ sound very similar in Russian, hence the “get undressed” faux pas.
You gotta love this genre of trolling. It makes everyone happy, even the person getting trolled!

So can you think Indian Prime minister saying this, probably on Mann Ki Baat, and next day all you see is Naked People on your work site, how would  you feel?  Lol Just Kidding Its India, Nudity is strictly banned here so you gotta come out of Illusion of whatever is going on in your mind!!

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