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Beware Android Users

One Technical Blog has given very crucial Information about Android-based Malware virus named Godless. This virus targets devices running Lollipop or Earlier Android versions unfortunately that covers almost 90% of Android Devices.


The more thing makes us worries is most Indian smart phones are android based and that too runs Lollipop or earlier version so Indian users are especially under great threat. To make it worse it has already affected almost 85,000 devices and is spreading very fast.

See the graph below:


This virus hides inside the app that you have installed and uses android rooting tools to exploit your smart phone. Once it settles down it takes full control over your device and launches unexpected apps and even downloads new Spam App on your Device that is flooded with ads and to your wonder it can also spy on you. This virus is so dangerous that it even bypasses security checks at app stores such as Google Play store. And to your threat it is tricky to uninstall it once it has settled on your phone.

To save yourself from such malware it is advisable to check the Info about Developer because unknown developers are more likely to be a reason behind this.

The technology blog has also advised users to download from trusted stores only like Google Play Store and Amazon and even advised to have some mobile security that can detect and mitigate threats.

Hackers are always trying to prove that “privacy is a myth”, and in such scenario it is always useful to take some advance and correct actions.

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