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The beef with beef

You’ve almost certainly seen stories about land cleared to make way for cattle and the grain that we fatten a lot of cattle on, and the lost capacity to remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere. Global consumption of beef and veal is set to rise in the next decade according …

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Human migration is a pressing public health issue, report says

However, separating migrants from their families can be bad for children’s health, as can keeping them in detention or continuously threatening them with deportation, the research showed. More than 1 billion people were “on the move” around the world this year, and a quarter of them were crossing international borders, …

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Maintaining your weight through the holidays

Start the day with a protein-rich breakfast — eggs, a smoothie, Greek yogurt — as this can help control your appetite throughout the day. In addition, have a healthy snack that includes protein, fiber and/or a little healthy fat — fruit, nuts, turkey slices, yogurt, carrots and hummus or a …

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