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Standing-desk workers ‘less tired, more engaged’

Image copyright Getty Images New research suggests that standing desks, which allow employees to alter their position during the day, may boost performance at work. A number of NHS staff were given new desks and set goals for standing time. After a year, researchers found sitting time was reduced by …

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What works for treating children’s colds?

Image copyright Getty Images Children get six to eight colds a year – twice as many as adults – but there’s little evidence on what helps improve symptoms like blocked or runny noses and sneezing. So are there remedies worth trying? Pharmacies and supermarkets are full of cough and cold …

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Age boys start puberty ‘linked to mothers’

Image copyright aldomurillo Image caption If a mother started puberty early, her son is more likely to, the study suggests The age at which boys begin puberty is linked to when their mothers started having periods, a study suggests. Mothers who started earlier than their peers had sons who had: …

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