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Thailand approves medical marijuana

Lawmaker Somchai Sawangkarn said the passing of an amendment to allow medical marijuana in the country “could be considered as a New Year gift to Thais.” “The amendment (on the Narcotics Bill) was passed the second and third readings today. And will become effective once it is published on the …

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High drug prices? Some pharma firms will send you a check

The 36-year-old psychologist had run into an increasingly common problem: The copay coupon sent by Amgen couldn’t cover the drug’s more than $4,000 monthly price. “Nothing in the world gives me more anxiety than just getting my medication,” Burgess said. “There’s nothing you can do but beg.” Panicked, Burgess had …

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Shutdown to cut office overseeing federal food stamps by 95%

In a statement over the holiday weekend, Secretary of Agriculture Sonny Perdue said, “There may be a lapse in funding for the federal government, but that will not relieve USDA of its responsibilities for safeguarding life and property through the critical services we provide.” According to the statement, 61% of …

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For the new year, try 12 monthly ‘micro-resolutions’

So this year, I eschewed the typical year-long New Year’s resolution in order to abstain from 12 activities, one a month, non-accumulative (each experiment ending on the last day of the month), like a dozen back-to-back Lents. I called it “the Year of Abstinence” and chose habits or indulgences that …

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Why animals are not the perfect holiday gift

“Animals do not belong underneath a Christmas tree,” said Sven Fraaß, spokesman for the Hanover animal shelter in Germany. They are “family members whose adoption needs thorough consideration.” Taking in a pet is a permanent commitment, shelter administrators advise, and shouldn’t be done as a rash decision or as a …

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Your medical supplies could soon arrive by drone

Now, India may join a growing list of countries that use the unmanned aerial vehicles for transporting medical materials. Officials are looking into using drones to beat traffic and get organs to transplant patients faster than ever. Although the plan is in its early stages, Jayant Sinha, a junior aviation …

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What makes eggnog so addictive?

Some of these are more universally enjoyed than others. But I wondered what exactly makes eggnog such an enticing treat between Thanksgiving and Christmas. I asked some experts in the sensory and food technology fields for insight. “It’s like ice cream. … It’s cold, and it’s sweet, and it tastes …

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