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Puppies to blame for drug-resistant infection in 118 people

The cause of illness: Campylobacter, common bacteria that can cause diarrhea, abdominal pain and fever, according to the CDC outbreak report published as part of its Morbidity and Mortality Weekly Report. No deaths occurred, though 26 people were hospitalized. Samples of the bacteria from patients showed resistance to all antibiotics …

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Man loses hands and feet after dog-related infection

“My arms, my chest, everything was changing colors,” said Manteufel, of West Bend, Wisconsin. Manteufel initially thought he had a bad case of the flu, but in his blood, doctors discovered a type of bacteria normally found in the mouths of dogs and cats. These bacteria rarely make humans sick, …

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The ‘dunce robots’ of Japan will help children learn

One Japanese researcher, however, has designed a robot that instills the opposite image of our future, particularly in the minds of the children who use them. Fumihide Tanaka’s educational robots do not perform the role of an all-knowing teacher. Instead, they are built to help young students study English vocabulary …

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Bedside light tool could detect baby brain injury earlier

Image copyright UCL Sick babies admitted to a neonatal unit after a difficult birth could benefit from a new bedside tool to detect brain damage, researchers believe. The team at University College London has developed a device which shines light into the brain to monitor oxygen and energy levels. Broadband …

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‘Don’t go cold turkey’ to quit smoking

Image copyright Getty Images Smokers looking to quit as part of the annual Stoptober campaign are being warned not to go “cold turkey”. Government health officials have said smokers stand a much greater chance of succeeding giving up by using official NHS support or turning to e-cigarettes. Research has shown …

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