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World’s first Pusheen cafe opening in Singapore

Pusheen, the chubby gray tabby who can often be found in stuffed animal or emoji form, is about to take a more three-dimensional shape. A Pusheen pop-up cafe is due to open in Singapore in January 2019. Claire Belton, the American artist and illustrator who first created the Pusheen character …

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Inside Noryangjin, Seoul’s largest indoor seafood market

(CNN) — With its narrow walkways, hurried streams of trolleys whisking inventory in and out and master sashimi chefs drumming up orders on cutting boards, Seoul’s Noryangjin Fish Market is a worthy destination for adventure seeking foodies. Established in 1927, it’s the city’s largest indoor seafood market and as real …

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Hong Kong’s coolest new hotel with a conscience

Hong Kong (CNN) — What would happen if Wong Kar-wai designed a hotel? That was one of the questions that Katherine Lo hoped to answer as she began the process of opening Eaton Workshop, a combination hotel, co-working space, music venue, radio station, art gallery and more in her native …

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15 hotels that go all-out for Christmas

(CNN) — Twinkling lights, glitter and gourmet menus galore — without a single dish to wash or tree to trim. Spending Christmas at a hotel does hold a certain travel allure. Whether you stay for a week or drop in for tea, these 15 properties go to great lengths to …

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Mayakoba: A relaxing vacation realized

Playa del Carmen, Mexico (CNN) — I wanted to take my family on a relaxing vacation. Note that I didn’t say an exciting vacation, or a mind-broadening one. I just wanted something easy. We live in New Jersey, where it’s been rainy and snowy and cold for about 37 years …

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