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Cricket Will Miss you Billy Bowden

We got a huge list of famous names in history of Cricket. But this list consist rather Batsman, Bowler or a Fielder. But Billy Bowden is one name that does not fall in any category above mentioned and yet placed in a list. Billy is not famous for batting, bowling or fielding, he is famous for his unorthodox and funny umpiring. Didn’t Strike your mind, well here he is


Now I am sure you got him and are big fan of him aren’t you. Yes this is Billy Bowden one of the respectable umpires. Well the sad part is we will never see him on field anymore as he has been dropped from New Zealand cricket’s International Panel.

This man is actually famous for his on field funny umpiring. He is the one who catches the camera as much as any cricket player. Here he is take a look

Bowden for the record insisted could not extend his crooked finger because of arthritis.

“Arthritis is good to me” says Billy Bowden in his last medal ceremony video and having great passion for the game was too much to give up the sport.

There are some players who always earn respect irrespective of any place in the world and Billy is one such person who will always be respectful and honoured.

All the cricket lovers thank you Billy for the wonderful memories you have given to us.

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