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Deal: Foldable ZTE Axon M now comes with a $100 gift card

Exclusively released on AT&T at the beginning of
November, the ZTE Axon M is one of the most interesting smartphones of 2017, thanks
to its dual-screen, foldable design. At the same time, we’d say this is also
one of the least practical handsets in recent years.


If you like the Axon M, but you haven’t bought it because of
its high price ($724.99), you may want to consider getting the phone now. For a
limited time, ZTE and AT&T are offering a $100 Visa reward card to Axon M
buyers – as long as they choose an eligible postpaid monthly service with voice
and data (at minimum $50 per month). The promo deal debuted yesterday, on Cyber
Monday, and it’s still available as we type this (though it might expire
in the coming days). 


In our ZTE Axon M review, we found the device to be rather
unpolished for its $725 price tag, especially with so many great flagships out
there (some of which are less expensive). Still, if you think the Axon M is worth
its price ($100 gift card included), you can go ahead and buy it from AT&T
via the source link below.


source: AT&T

Source of news : Phonearena

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