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Did Salman Compare Himself to a Raped Woman? The man has completely lost it

Salman’s New Movie Sultan is about to Release in few days and he is giving his whole to the promotions of it.

And recently during one Interview he said how he felt after completing the shoot he said this:

“When I used to walk out of the ring, after the shoot, I used to feel like a raped woman. I couldn’t walk straight.”

And More over Salman Khan is assigned as India’s Good will ambassador for Rio Olympics, Which has turn into a controversy after the statement given by Salman:

“Show the nation what you got. Work as hard as I did for my movie Sultan. Work so hard… that when you walk you feel like a raped woman who can’t walk straight.”

Now the question here that arise is if Aamir Khan can be Kicked out of his Incredible India and Snapdeal Roles for talking about Insecurity of the nation then Why not Salman?, if the plan of making Amitabh bachchan Incredible India can be Trashed Because the Panama Papers then Why not Salman Taken off as Indian Olympic Ambassador?

 After all Salman is someone who’s got tons of followers and they blindly follow him, he is seen as a role model for many, a man who can make difference with his smartness but he just keeps his mouth spitting.

But who cares his film will again hit 200 crore marks, his fans will again climb the barricade around his house until tells not to.               

Rape is a serious problem in India many are making their efforts to fight against it , average of six Rape cases gets filled in Delhi only, and put it as a joke!, not done my friend.

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