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Diljit Dosanjh’s Shirtless Picture Is Driving Fans Crazy & Giving Us Major Fitness Goals

Diljit Dosanjh, the Punjabi singer and mega superstar needs no introduction. The man is not just loved by his fans but he also drives them crazy with his brilliant acting and melodious voice. Also, when it comes to social media, he is one of the few celebrities who knows how to work it and work it well.

One look at his various social media accounts and you know exactly what he is up to. He always gives his followers an up-to-date glimpse of his activities and they totally love it.

From being socially active, confessing his love for Kylie Jenner, posting cute videos of himself to engaging in friendly banter with his fans, he is adored by the general public.

When he starts to sing, you can’t help but love his voice. That’s how good he is. His patented lines like ‘labh juices’ and ‘theek aan main’ are already a part of urban lingo.

He also often inspires his fans in various other ways. Be it his styling or fitness, he keeps giving us major goals to follow. And, just recently, the ‘Udta Punjab’ star shared a shirtless picture of himself, essentially breaking the internet with his toned ads.

He tweeted the picture with the caption, “Pehchan Kaun”. The man looked fabulous and is giving us major fitness goals. Diljit has clearly been sweating it out in the gym and his toned abs are nothing but proof of that.

Looking at Diljit, we wonder if there is anything he can’t do. He knows how to act, dance and flaunt his kick-ass body. One can totally vouch for the fact that he is indeed an all-round performer.

Well, as Diljit started the guessing game, the Internet went crazy and joined him! The fans were quick in showering him with comment after comment.

He is a total heartthrob, we must say!

Diljit sure knows how to keep the ladies on their toes.

The guessing game continues

Well, what else is really left to say!

But, you also have tweets like the ones below. Sigh!



BJP might get offended!

Why try to pretend, bro?

Well, we love this picture of Diljit and fitness goals or not, we’re totally digging the attitude.


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