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Do you even keep a dedicated camera around anymore?

Smartphones are everywhere today and we’ve got a huge choice in variety — from the cheapest entry-level devices, to the super-pricy flagships. It’s often hard to justify buying a new top-tier handset to yourself, yet alone to friends and relatives that don’t understand the flagship life and feel satisfied with their midrangers.

But let’s be real — a smartphone is a mobile phone, a camera, an mp3 player, an Internet communications device, which gives you your email as soon as it arrives, and can even be used as a workstation. If you were to buy all these items separately in the late 90s, you’d surely spend at least $650. Well, you probably wouldn’t refresh each of these items every couple of years, but shush!

For example — when is the last time you felt the need to have a dedicated camera on you. Scratch that — do you even have a dedicated camera anymore (it doesn’t count if it has been sitting in the attic for the past 2 years)?

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