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Do You Know how Bananas Help Your body?

We normally hear “An Apple a day keeps the Doctor Away”. But we have not heard anything such in case of bananas apart from gym Enthusiasts. According to an article on Higher Perspectives, eating two ripe of bananas can go a long way in helping you a healthy lifestyle.

Here are the Benefits:


  • It helps fighting depression.


Eating bananas has been scientifically proven to have helped fight depression. Bananas have a very high concentration of tryptophan. When consumed, tryptophan is converted to serotonin and that helps with depression.



  • It keeps you energetic throughout the day


Bananas boast a powerful blend of three kinds of natural sugars: fructose, glucose and sucrose. These natural sugars keep up your blood sugar level and give you the required energy to get through your day unscathed. And We have a very Hectic life now a days so this energy can be really essential for your body to keep up.



  • It lowers your blood pressure


The high levels of potassium and low sodium make it a perfect addition to your diet if your looking to lower your blood pressure. It’s extremely helpful for those suffering from a heart condition.

Female Doctor Checking Blood Pressure Of Young Businessman


  • It helps increase bone density


The calcium found in bananas is enough to boost the density of your bones. This also helps with people suffering from arthritis.



  • It is extremely handy after a night of debauchery.


Once in a while, we all love going out for a night of boozing but dehydration is a huge problem later on in the night. The potassium helps the body retain moisture and electrolytes.


You didn’t know that did you?…It’s Time to grab some bananas.

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