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Donald Trump would like to remind us that Melania Trump was once in an Aflac commercial

President Trump on Jan. 31 spoke about his wife’s 2005 commercial for Aflac insurance, while meeting with workers impacted by the tax reform legislation. (The Washington Post)

Melania Trump is known for saying little in public. But in a 2005 commercial she spoke to the world — in the voice of the Aflac insurance spokesduck.

President Trump on Wednesday brought up the fact that his wife had once appeared in a television ad for the insurance giant, something you might have missed (confession: we didn’t remember the spot). Here’s how it resurfaced: Reps for Aflac met with Trump in the Oval Office to laud the recent tax reform legislation. Trump, true to form, made it all about Trump.

“They actually, a long time ago, hired my wife to do a big commercial. You know that, right? An Aflac commercial. And I think it was a successful commercial, too,” Trump said, per the pool report.

So we went to YouTube, and sure enough, there’s the commercial, in all its glory.

Shot in black and white, it’s a spoof on a Bela Lugosi-style vintage horror flick. In the spot, Melania Trump and the Aflac duck are each shown strapped to tables in what is obviously a mad scientist’s laboratory. We will “take the voice of this lovely woman,” the scientist proclaims.

“Mrs. Trump?” his lackey interjects.

“To tell the world about the benefits of Aflac — with sex appeal!” the scientist concludes. Melania Trump and the duck are shot through with old-timey laser-looking things, and then once awake, the duck speaks in the first lady’s accented coo: “If you’re hurt and can’t work, Aflac can help pay your bills with caaash.”

Trump arises and, in the duck’s voice (the one voiced by comic Gilbert Gottfried, before he got fired from the gig for joking about the 2011 Japanese tsunami), barks, “Aflac!”

The spot closes with Trump looking down at her feet to discover that they are webbed.

Melania Trump was a model before she married Donald Trump in 2005, an alliance that boosted her profile and helped her launch her own line of jewelry and skin care products (incorporating caviar, natch), which she hawked on QVC.

News credit : Washingtonpost

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