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Ever Wondered Why Rocks at Marine Drive Are Shaped Like that ?

Every city has its own attraction but when you talk about Mumbai you get lots and lots of attraction like Bollywood, crazy monsoons, Marine Drive etc.  I think we all have seen Marine Drive if not in Real then in the Movies at-least. Remember this?

marine drive

Ever wondered why the rocks at marine drive are shaped like that? Here is the answer…

These rocks are called tetra pods and they are used for purpose. They are put in interlocking pattern that way they form a porous boundary. This way when a roaring ocean hits the shore the energy of tides are absorbed by these rocks. These rocks are originated from France and whey’s 2tons and they cost around Rs. 5000 per tetra pod.

fuji tetra pods

To let you know India is not the only place to have this tetra pods they are found in many places like Mount Fuji is also surrounded by tetra pods lining the shore of Suruga bay, Miho no Matsubara.

Although sometimes they are criticized for ruining the scenic beauty and it is also said that they interrupt the natural cycle of soil erosion and nutrition.


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