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Feel the experience of Dining in a JAIL at Ristretto!


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Try out something new this weekend, while you are at it, how about dining in a JAIL? Yes, that is true! Call Ristretto- Behind the Rods to book your spots or rather, “JAILS”- 81401 83183 / 99259 07943.


You can also pre-book the JAIL area for your celebrations! They also decorate it as per your requirement! Planning for a date or a birthday bash? How about planning it in a Jail? Go for it! 81401 83183 / 99259 07943!


Ristretto – Behind the Rods, is not just about a cafe! Rather, it is an experience that we, as Amdavadis have never heard of, before! Now dine out with your gang or your family in a jail! “What’s so exciting about being in a jail?”- if this is what you are thinking about wait till your food arrives! We bet you have never seen such a unique way of presenting food / beverages. Here is a glimpse-



Ristretto soup in bread Bowl – this is their chef’s very own special must try recipe!

Maska Masala Cheese French Fries- While the Cheese melts, the after-taste of Maska masala lingers on the tongue!

Peri-Peri Cheese Burger- The famous Peri-Peri flavour with the delicious Cheese Burger!

Hummusa-. There is a reason this is included under the tag of Jordar Desi Maal. Mini samosa in tabolah with hummus & fried green chilli is what this Dish is all about!

Hit and Fit- Again one of the Jordar Desi Maal, lahsooni palak with Makai roti that you try here will be something that is going to make you go – “waah!”

Stuffing Loaf Exotic Vegetable- English maal bhi Kam nahii, this is chef’s secret recipe again!



Pan Signature Cold Coffee- That signature Pan flavour in the authentic Cold Coffee! It is served in a BUCKET! Also, Our most favourite of the lot!

Cinderella Mococktail- Blue Curacao, Vanilla Ice cream and Orange Juice), Every blue thing is not lagoon, and every blue mocktail is not as refreshing as this!   

Lost Stories Mococktail- Orange Juice in wedge with fresh mint leaves and ice, well let me leave the judgement to you!

Shirley Temple Mococktail- Pineapple crush, soda, Vanilla ice cream, Lime juice & orange crushed. This unique blend is something that you may have never tasted before!

Sonu & Monu Desserts- (tujhe ristretto pe bharosa nai Kya) Fried Chocolate with ice cream!


Moreover, they also have a designated stage where every weekend there are breath-taking Live performances that go on! You can also cheer for your favourite teams while watching live matches on the giant screen!


It is not just about the jail! There are also other separate dining places where you can spend a quality time with your Family! And, looking for a place where you can meet your clients- Ristretto also has well-set Corporate Couches!


Address- GF, Maharaja Palace B-, Opp. Rasranjan Tarun Nagar Part 1, Vijay Cross Roads.

Contact- 81401 83183 / 99259 07943

Source of news : Cityshor

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