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First girl to qualify after 52 years from India in Olympics

A gymnast requires lot of strength, flexibility and concentration to perform. Gymnastics is originated from Ancient Greece but India never had made its foot marks in this sport, although it is very famous and respected sport in foreign Countries.

  But this monotone is going to be broken this time as India’s First girl Dipa Karmakar has made her cut to the Rio. India has poor quality equipment for sports if it’s not the cricket and that is why we hardly see our talent mesmerizing the world. Ashish Kumar who won the first bronze in Commonwealth was the first of his kind.

Dipa karmakar, who also won bronze in 2014 Commonwealth and became the first female to win in this category. Here’s her video of 2014 performance at Glasgow:

She was born in Agartala, Tripura on August 9th 1993. She had flat foot which can affect the springs in the jumps but she pushed her limits to join the sports.

Her first medal was in 2007 at Junior Nationals Jalpaiguri. Now she has 77 medals out of which 67 are gold and these include state, national and international championships.

Dipa attempted Vault Produnova qualifying for the Olympics. Vault Produnova is risky because if not landed well it may lead to spinal injuries. She is among 5 females who ever attempted Vault Produnova.

She is also the first Indian gymnast to qualify for Olympics after a long time of 52 years.

We have Numbers of people who actually are talented but sometimes it’s the opportunity or our politics does not let them come out. But still we have some people like Dipa Karmakar who never make compromise irrespective of the crisis they fight, fight hard and win. We hope just as her Glasgow performance she win a medal in Rio as well and set herself as an Example.

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