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Five Toughest Questions You Might Face in CAT Interview

For most management aspirants, qualifying CAT exam is the best option and it is in common knowledge of the candidates that they have to clear the Group Discussion and Personal Interview rounds after the initial written exam for admission into any top B-School.

Personal Interviews for CAT 2018 which are more or less aimed at assessing a candidate and gaining deeper understanding of his or her calibre, thinking process and suitability can sometimes be a little difficult. Being prepared for these basics is always helpful and can be easily done by watching online tutorials, practicing by self in front of mirror, reading newspapers or improving general knowledge and taking useful tips from experts or other interview attendees.

The best preparation tip for this round is to display a good presence of mind and confidence in front of the interviewers as sometimes saying the right thing at the right time makes all the difference. However, the trick to assure a good performance in this round is by also having a thorough knowledge on other tough analytical or critical reasoning questions.

Below is a list of five top common difficult questions often asked for Interview rounds after and discussion rounds at most Indian B-schools. The probable answers are also provided along with these questions.

Ques. If there were about 2,000 unread emails and there was only enough time to answer 300 of them, how would one decide this?

Ans. The most relevant answer for this is answering those emails that are most urgent or important with a deadline of less than 24 hours. Then one can filter the emails subject wise and choose the next most relevant ones. Another step is by getting rid of any emails that are junk or spam, and by also filtering emails from oldest to newest one received.

Ques. How many tennis balls are used overall for Wimbledon matches?

Ans. Now, this question does require a little bit of cleverness so the best call for those who are not aware of the answer is to be spontaneous and make a good guess based on certain basics such as number of balls used in one match.  Otherwise, the exact answer is 54,250, as mentioned in the official website of Wimbledon.

Ques. How many calories can be found in a grocery store?

Ans. By default, the answer to this question is zero as there are never any calories in a grocery store but only present in the food materials found inside a grocery store.

Ques. What is the current market for new helmets in Bangalore?

Ans. Of course in questions like this, a candidate has to prove his critical analytical thinking. One can respond to the question in a structured manner by giving an approximate number of two wheelers in Bangalore which can then be followed by an assumption of the number of persons who use helmets already that is 90%.

Hence, the approximate requirement can be put at 10%.
Going by the assumption that more than 50% of two wheeler owners do ride pillion, there is the helmet for them too. So, the total requirement for helmets can be around 60% of the number of two wheelers.

Ques. How do you define God mathematically?

The answer for this short yet intelligent question is God is the One. Though it may sound simple, not many think it through as it has been asked in the past.

Ques. How to decide whether to produce a 100 Rupee coin in India or not?

Ans. One of the major reason that can help in responding to this question is the current demand of a particular denomination of money in the country. In case of 100 Rupee coin, it would obviously be bulky to handle as compared to a 100 Rupee note. A simple people’s vote can also help in making this decision.

CAT preparation tips include being practical and logical to clear the Personal Interview round. The above answers are based on estimates and best given answers over the years. It is also possible that sometimes different candidates can give different answers to the same questions and it can also be correct in another sense.

Hope all the above information proves helpful for a good Personal Interview experience in the future.

Author Name– Simran Grover
Author Bio – Communication and Writing being her forte, Simran Grover is a Mass Communication graduate from University of Delhi. She is a passionate being constantly seeking motivation, spreading positivity and building her own path towards achieving life goals. Connect with her at simran.grover@collegedunia.com