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Google Assistant Routines is now available in plenty of languages

Google Assistant started introducing a series of commands with the service called My Day. It was quite buggy during its beta period but has really been polished once it graduated to its final version called Routines. It was initially only available to English-speaking users, but now sources claim it has been pushed to plenty of other languages. There are four exceptions, though – Dutch, Norwegian, Swedish, Danish.

The routines feature is a list of actions happening one after another after a single command. For example, “Hey Google, good morning” activates a landslide of information, including the weather, meetings, commute, news sources which you can set up, including your favorite audio podcast. Another neat feature is when you say “Okay Google, I’m leaving” – the Assistant adjusts lights, plugs, arms security system and locks the door, depending on what parts of your home are already part of the company’s ecosystem.

The Routines option can be found in the Google app, where you select Settings. Then you click on Settings again but in the Google Assistant sub-menu. Once in your Assistant menu, go to the second tab and Routines will be there.

There are plenty of options – Google Assistant is with you in the morning, before bedtime or when you’re commuting. It is available on Google Home, all Android phone with at least Marshmallow 6.0, Smart Displays, etc. If you want Google to speak your language, you must set your account to it; otherwise, it would stick to English.

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