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Google rolls out Chrome 63 for Android, here is what’s new

Google usually releases major versions of Chrome at the same time on all major platforms, but this time the Android app kind of jumped the gun. Even if Google confirmed that Chrome 63 has already been released, the new version of the browser is not yet available for download in the Google Play Store.

However, you’ll be able to update to Chrome 63 in the next few weeks, Google announced. The new browser will probably be rolled out in waves, so it might be available for a small percentage of users at first.

As far as changes go, Chrome 63 is supposed to enhance existent features like autocompletion (in the address bar), but there’s also a new Device Memory JavaScript API, which makes it easier for websites to tell the amount of RAM on a user’s device so that devs can optimize them for smoother browsing.

Furthermore, Google states that some under-the-hood performance improvements have also been implemented, along with some stability enhancements. Unfortunately, there’s no mention of HDR video support, as previously rumored, so we’ll probably have to wait until the next version of Chrome.

Source of news : Phonearena

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