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“If You Could Change One Thing About Your Job, What Would It Be?” 11 People Reveal

Do you love your job? Whether the answer is yes or no, there are still certain things you’d probably want to change about your job. True, right? Well, we asked people from different fields about what will be that one thing they’d want to change about their jobs and the answers were pretty interesting. Read on and find out.  

1. Coffee Machine

“I’d rather order my coffee than drink the shitty one from that machine.” – Hashima Siddiqui, 25.



2. My Boss

“If I could, I would change my boss.” – Anonymous, 22. 

Um, Yeah


3. Working Hours

“I am a reporter and I work all day, every day. Though being available 24*7 is a part and parcel of my job. I still wish I could change it.” – Riddhima Seth, 23.



4. Job

“Funny, but true. If I could change one thing about my job, it would be my job.” – Anonymous, 27.

I don


5. Criteria Of Work Allocation

“We all know someone who works less than us and gets paid exactly as much as we do. So yeah, I’d like to question the criteria of work allocation by our bosses.” – Sumeksha Sahni, 25.

Care less gif


6. The Noisy Colleagues

“Damn those noisy colleagues who, I don’t know why announce their personal doings to the whole world for no effing reason.” – Pranay Sharma, 23.

Don’t Miss

Shut Up


7. Not Being Able To Drink Alcohol

“Work life would be a piece of cake if we were allowed to drink alcohol at our office.” – Anonymous, 26.



8. Meetings About Other Meetings

“I am into sales and I just hate, hate the meetings about other meetings.” – Tanisha Srivastava, 28.



9. The Paper Work

“I am the Production Manager and honestly, the paperwork is a pain in the ass. I wish I didn’t have to do it.” – Rhea Burroughs, 22.



10. Workload

“Being a doctor, sometimes the workload takes a toll on my physical health. Though I try to take short naps but if only there was a way I could reduce my workload, I would.” – Malwika Shroff, 28



11. Salary

“I wonder how less we are paid for creative jobs in India. I am an architect and I have just started my career. My salary is literally peanuts so yeah, I’d like to change that.” – Adiraj Srivastava, 25.



News credit : Indiatimes

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