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India to launch sea pool that prevents risk of Drowning


vizag beach

India has got some of the finest coastal beauties, like beaches at Rushikonda and Ramakrishna. This places are always attracts sea lovers but Vizag is slowly becoming more greetfull. Vizag might not be that attractive on the first sight but it’s future implements are going to make this place an astonishing beauty.

But one can never be sure about ocean’s behavior and sometimes due to human mistake or tidal effect we end up in loosing lives. Currently 5 people lost their lives at Ramakrishna beach and the total number has reached to 465 in last 10 years who lost their lives due to drowning. To prevent this hazards government has turned up with a very mindful idea to build a sea pool. San Alfonso Del Mar in Chile and Bondi Beach in Sydney will be used as a blueprint to develop this sea pool.  

sea pool
                                                                                  SEA POOL

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