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iOS-10 Notification are going to be more relevant

Apple Currently Announced Siri to third party developer for iOS 10 and now there is one another thing that apple is implementing in iOS 10, That is Notifications.

Notifications, as per said by the Apple Officials in Worldwide Developer Conference are going to be more relevant and useful.


This is going to be useful for both developers and users. Apple has streamlined it for developers as they can use the same tool for sending the notification across watchOS, tvOS, and iOS. And moreover apple is going to let developer see the pending notification and replace it with new one. This was never possible before ,leading to a big stack of outdated message when you looked at your phone.

And above that Developers will be able to know whether the user have dismissed the notification or not. Apple is planning to add some more feature to Notification like as now Notification can contain Audio, Video or map and they will be able to download directly by notification.


A new service extension is provided to developers that enables a lot of these features, injecting all of the fun formatting and media stuff into notifications before the user ever sees it. One possibility that should intrigue secure messengers is that end-to-end encryption could be implemented by the service extension, making sure that your notifications are secure from point of origin to the user.

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