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Is Microsoft Getting into Marijuana Business?

Confused? We are too. World’s biggest tech giant Microsoft is entering into weed business.

Marijuana has always been a taboo subject at-least for any corporate organization to get associated with, But Microsoft is about to break the monotone.

Marijuana is legal in many states of US but still big brands are keeping distance from it as it is still illegal according to Federal Government.


Microsoft is creating software that will help them to keep an eye on their Marijuana Purchases. Microsoft announced a partnership to begin offering software that will track Marijuana plants from “seed to sale”. Microsoft is aiming to provide this software to those states that have legalized the use of Marijuana as medical purpose or for the recreational use of Marijuana to keep tabs on sales and commerce.


The reason behind this venture is there will be sophisticated requirement for this and tools were down the road. Microsoft has teamed up with some Los Angeles based Start Up that built that software.

So now if you think those days are not far away when Amazon will deliver Seeds using drones, possibly.  

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