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Laugh out with Your Clan on the Jokes of Amit Khuva Live


Get ready amdavadis, your favourite Gujarati stand-up comedian Amit Khuva is here to tickle your funny bones.

 On this Christmas, 25th December laugh out loud with your family and friends at Mehndi Nawaz Jung Hall from 7 pm onwards as Amit Khuva takes the centre stage to make you giggle with a unique stand-up act.


The show will cater and amuse everyone from children to adults as Amit Khuva will portray four different characters with four different costumes and leave you amazed at his hilarious acts. 


Amit Khuva is a very well known comedian of Gujarat and world’s youngest stand-up comedy trainer who has successfully trained many young artists in comedy and helped them pursue their passion. 


In the show, you will see Amit portray four different characters, one of a notorious schoolboy, second of an over smart inspector who is a warrior outside but a servant to his wife, third of a doctor who is a very enthusiastic poet and lastly an old man who loves to gossip.


So set your reminders for the day and witness most amazing, clean comedy with your family and loved ones. 




Date – 25th December 

Time- 7:00 PM

Address- Mehndi Nawaz Jung Hall, near Paldi Crossroad, Ahmedabad, India 380006



Picture Courtesy-Comedy Cafe



Author Credit: Adiba Syed 

News credit : Cityshor

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