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Madonna joins sexy-celebs-in-their-60s club

Story highlights

  • Madonna celebrates her big day Thursday
  • She joins a growing group of other hot celebs in their 60s

The iconic singer turned 60 Thursday and celebrated on social media.

“In case someone forgot,” she wrote in a caption on a photo of herself which included a “birthday” hashtag.

There were also plenty of tributes to the pop star.

“Happy birthday to Lady @Madonna!!!,” singer Kylie Minogue tweeted. “I’m 14 years old, dancing and singing in my bedroom and she was just WOW!!! What a force and an inspiration. Enjoy your day Madonna!!!”

But Madonna is not the only one repping the fabulous 60s in style.

Some of Hollywood’s biggest and most vibrant stars are also sexagenarians — including Denzel Washington, Meryl Streep, Richard Gere and Pam Grier.

News credit : Cnn