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Microsoft updates Skype for iOS with iPhone X support, new design

If you own an iPhone X then you know that many iOS apps don’t offer support for Apple’s newest flagship. However, since the smartphone was announced a few months ago, many developers have been trying to optimize their apps to fit the iPhone X’s screen.

The last company to join the “notch” bandwagon is Microsoft. The Redmond announced that a new update is now available for Skype on iOS devices, which brings support for iPhone X. Basically, this means that Skype users will now be able to benefit from the whole screen when using the app.

Microsoft also confirmed that Skype for iOS is getting a new and improved design. Last but not least, some general performance and reliability improvements have been implemented as well.

So, no matter if you’re rocking an iPhone X or not, there’s a little something for every iOS user in the latest version of Skype, so make sure to download the new update from the App Store.

News credit : Phonearena

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