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Mini IPL to be played overseas.

Well there’s good news for Cricket crazy nation. IPL one of India’s most interesting Cricket tournament will be hosted overseas as Mini IPL.

It seems that the BCCI wants to take cricket to places where it is not popular. A two-week window in September has been put aside for a ‘mini IPL’ — which could also be termed ‘IPL overseas’.

“In the month of September, the BCCI is willing to host a mini IPL or IPL overseas. [It will be] a shorter format, not home and away matches but a lesser number of matches; in a two-week window we will be able to complete it.”


There are a lot of details yet to be thrashed out, but Thakur seemed confident of pulling off a short tournament to popularize the sport overseas.

This year IPL faced some problem about water supply and had to change the venue of matches in ongoing tournament and from then it was said that IPL would be played overseas.

It is a tight schedule. It is in a less than two-week window we have to organize [the tournament]. And we have to look into various details: which country we can play in, how many teams, how many players should participate, who will be the broadcaster – all these issues need to deliberated, but we are keen to play in that window.

The USA and UAE are two venues being discussed. 

Well the central news is India is always crazy about cricket and this will make fans double excited. We never get tired of watching cricket, do we?

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