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Motivational Videos Not a Good Catch for JEE Aspirants

The life of an aspirant preparing for IIT JEE is not easy. Even the top scorers of reputed schools often find themselves mentally drained out and find it difficult to sustain their daily focused study plan. During such times, many students are recommended to watch motivational videos to boost up their mood. Although, those who recommend such alternatives have the best interest in their mind for the aspirant but a word of advice to all aspirants planning to appear for National Level Joint Entrance Exam is to steer away from these videos.
The motivational videos are not detrimental to one’s health but the life of a JEE aspirant is never supported on an external pillar of support and motivation. If a few gloomy days shake your faith in yourself, then the truly catastrophic times are not for the weak hearted. It is completely fine to have a few ups and downs but the aspirant must find it in himself/herself and be back on track.
One of the best ways to regain the lost motivation is to try and connect with an ex alumni IIT to understand their success path and seek advice from them. They will be able to help and guide you better having been a part of the same phase themselves.
Talking to parents or mentors can be a great source of energy too. Not only our parents will support us but we can also speak our hearts out without the spotlight of judgment. Such external source of energy is not only a natural form but will ensure self- dependence in a person.
You must remember that you are not the only JEE aspirant. From our coaching institutes to your school network, you will find many aspirants going through pressurized study hours and competition. Speaking to one of them may not only help you but also them.
Another great way of going without giving up is to constantly remind yourself the reason you are doing this. You can always write in bold letters and pass the saying in your bedroom “I will crack JEE”. Although the words are mere letters of an alphabet but the optimism behind it has far more magnitude of positivity than a motivational video.
Many a times, the mental machine needs a break to catch up and hence a physical activity is recommended. Indulging in a daily activity routine, one that will not cause physical strain or exert your energy to a great extent, can help unwind you from all the chaos of study and peer pressure. A few recommended sport options are swimming, running / jogging, badminton, snooker, long tennis etc.
Meditation and Yoga are tremendous sources of energy for longevity and concentration. Practicing them in the morning will ensure you are never out of energy and will have enough positivity in yourself to continue for days to come.
Ergo, apart from the motivation videos, a JEE aspirant is never short of options to motivate and rejuvenate himself/herself. With the days inching closer to the final date of the examination, let us also speak about the necessary documents one should carry.
CBSE will release JEE Main Admit Card in the second week of March 2018 for registered candidates only. Please ensure that you do not write anything on your admit cards since it contains all necessary information such as your name, timing of the examination, venue of examination, application number etc. Hence, tampering with the admit card is strictly prohibited since it is the most crucial identity document that grants the aspirant an entrance in the examination hall on the day of examination.
Good Luck Aspirants!!

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