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Motorola releases revamped camera app ahead of G6 launch

Motorola has released a completely redesigned version of its camera app. The update comes out just in time for the impending release of the Moto G6 series but existing Moto users need not worry as the update is also rolling out to them.

The first change is in the icon, which matches the look of the new icon theme that will be coming on the upcoming devices and not the current, odd, pizza-shaped creased icons. Hopefully, Motorola will also be updating the launched on the older devices to get the new icon theme that seems to be way less aggressive and more mellow.

Inside the app, there are now three sections at the bottom, with the default being photo, video on the right and a mode screen on the left. These can be switched by swiping sideways on the screen. The mode screen is also where the Settings option now lives. The Settings screen has been changed to have 100% opacity and isn’t a transparent layer over the viewfinder anymore.

At the top of the viewfinder are options to change HDR mode, flash, timer, and Manual mode. Switching to Manual mode presents additional options on the right, similar to the previous version. For phones with a dual rear camera, the app will have a prominent button near the top to switch between the two.

The app will be rolling out slowly over the course of the next few days to existing devices (probably not all of them, so don’t hold your breath if you have an older device).

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News credit : Gsmarena