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Movie Review- Murder On The Orient Express

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Based on Agatha Christie’s best-selling novel, Murder on the Orient Express is liked especially for the iconic ending. For those who have read the book, it might not be very surprising. But for the rest, the ending makes the movie more delightful.


The queen of the murder mystery is a legend for many reasons and one of them is that the characters that she created, are relatable to the masses.


Kenneth Branagh does a fairly good job as Detective Hercule Poirot, but not so much as a director of the film. Though the movie has a cast to die for it was not used to its maximum potential. The characters are not build up properly and actors like Odom and Colman are given almost nothing to do.


Branagh introduces Poirot as a finicky detective who requires his morning eggs soft-boiled always matching the other one in height, even before his luxurious, magnificent, immense, and dedicatedly groomed mustache is shown to the audience. The only reason he does that is later told in the movie by him. He says that he sees the world as it should be and imperfection just stands out. Mostly, that’s what makes him the greatest detective in the world.


The camera angles are done with intricate tracking shots, including the omnipotent overhead angle when Mr. Ratchett was found dead in his cabin and careful close-ups during the interrogation of the suspects make it worth your time and attention!


The movie ends with Hercule Poirot saying that he has learned to live with the imbalances of life. We see the man behind the famous mustache and his legendary grey cells. Finally, the train arrives at its destination, Poirot is called for his next adventure and we hope to see him again.  


Reviewed by: Pritha Banerjee

Source of news : Cityshor

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