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#MovieReview | Fukrey Returns

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With Fukrey 2, the hilariously disastrous squad of Choocha(Varun Sharma), Hunny (Pulkit Samrat), Zafar(Ali Fazal) and Lali (Manjot Singh) are forced to come back to Bholi’s (played by Richa Chaddha) service.


While the lads are still are coping with the disaster they spelt a year back, they are driven back into it with the addition of one more villain. It’s almost sadistic how we are compelled to laugh even at the most chronically disturbing moments of the character’s lives. The storyline has perfectly laced itself around the characters maintaining a chaotic balance with humour. 


For the most part of the movie, you’ll witness the crew running around parts of Delhi as they are being chased, rather hunted, by goons for moolah. Talking about Bholi, Richa Chaddha is the ultimate boss-babe with strong males as her henchmen. She’s witty, sizzling hot yet very Delhi-Punjabi in her comebacks and she is the only saving grace.


Hunny, played by Pulkit, is supposedly the main character of the script. However, it seemed as if he tried too hard. Lali, played by Manjot Singh, on the other hand, is a rather underrated yet essential piece of the distressing puzzle. Zafar, played by Ali Fazal, is a lost character who finds a deeper meaning even in the craziest of situations. 


The storyline holds nothing exclusive or of substance but the slapstick comedy is watchable with no other major blockbuster releasing this week.


I’ll give it 2.5 out of 5 Shors. 


Reviewed by: Mitali Semlaani

News credit : Cityshor

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