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PM Modi Will not make you Vice President of India, Kejriwal to LG


Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal on Monday, took a swipe at Lt GovernorNajeeb Jung, saying notwithstanding the obstacles put by him at the behest of Prime Minister Narendra Modi, he will never be made the Vice President of India.

In an acerbic letter to the LG, Kejriwal took on Jung and Modi for allegedly putting spanners in every small initiative of the AAP government by getting them probed by the Anti- Corruption branch and CBI.

“I want you to know that only yesterday the government has inaugurated a 100-seater medical college. I want to request you to ask your ACB team to lodge an FIR and get it investigated.

“Kindly also tell Prime Minister Modi to get a raid done on Health Minister Satyender Jain for committing the crime of completing the medical college in a record time,” Kejriwal wrote.

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The AAP chief and Jung have clashed repeatedly on matters of jurisdiction in governing the national capital since the party stormed to power in 2015.

Seeking to offer a “small suggestion” as Jung’s “younger borther”, Kejriwal went on to write, “Do as much unconstitutional, illegal and anti-people work as you want at the behest of Modiji, but he will never make you the vice president.”

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