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Raghuram Rajan Retired hurt!

The rock star RBI governor Raghuram Rajan has officially declared that will be “returning to academia” when his term ends on September, 2016.

The announcement was given when speculation’s for future RBI governor were going rife.


Rajan was appointed as 23rd RBI governor in September 2013. The former chief Minister at International Monetary Fund (IMF) sent a Message to RBI staff informing them about his retirement decision         ” I am an academic and I have always made it clear that my ultimate home is in the realm of ideas. The approaching end of my three year term, and of my leave at the University of Chicago, was therefore a good time to reflect on how much we had accomplished”   

Rajan signed off by saying “I will still be working with you (RBI staff) for the next couple of months, but let me thank all of you in the RBI family in advance for your dedicated work and unflinching support. It has been a fantastic journey together.”

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Recently Rajan was criticized heavily by BJP MP Subramanian Swamy saying “he is unfit for India” and asked Narendra Modi to send him back to Chicago.

Rajan is Respectable all over the India and has given very much to the country’s growth. He will always be seen as one of the most honoured Person in history of RBI governors.

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