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Readers’ choice: This is your favorite phone of 2017

What is the best phone of 2017?

The truth is that it’s hard to tell. One phone has that distinct design, another one has a fancy camera, a third one gets software updates quicker, and others shine in their own areas of expertise. While there is no one right phone for everyone, there are some phones that do stand out.

To find out which phones struck a chord with you, our readers, last week we asked you to vote on something important: your favorite phone of 2017.

It’s now time to reveal the results and see who won one of the most important awards of the year: the love of users.

The winner is the Samsung Galaxy Note 8. With 868 votes, it grabbed a solid 20.5% of the votes and stood tall as the most favored phone amongst our readers.
The runner-up is the iPhone X. It got a solid 656 votes, or 15.5% of votes, and has emerged as the second most popular option among users.
The fight for the third place was particularly heated: the LG V30 got the bronze with 378 votes, but the Galaxy S8 and OnePlus 5T were dangerously close, running just 20 votes behind.

You can see the full results of the poll right below.

News credit : Phonearena

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