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Research Says Heavy Use of Smart phones can Make Kids “Cross-Eyed”

Day by day use of smart phone is increasing by a heavy margin. Even small kids are using smart phones. But here is a Warning Bell for all the parents who let their Kids have Smartphone.
Excessive use of Smart phone may cause them to suffer from eye deviation, warn researchers from Chonnam National University, South Korea.

Small kids using a tablet
Small kids using a tablet

The research claims that there is a possible relationship between convergent strabismus, a symptom in which a child becomes “cross-eyed” or “wall-eyed”, and excessive use of smart phones. In most cases, such symptoms appear in children who are below five-year age. After studying 12 patients between the age seven and 16, the researchers have found that their daily use of smart phones was four to eight hours.
The distance between their eyes and display screens is as close as between eight and 12 inches. The team found that the eye condition in nine out of 12 children was treated successfully when they avoided smart phones for nearly two months.
Every Parent should understand that time is changing,and of course we need to change with time but not on the cost of ourselves, our kids are more precious than technology isn’t it?

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