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RIshi Kapoor Trolled ZARA sale and that’s Hysterical

Rishi Kapoor is really fond of twitter and he just keep sharing his thoughts jokes and his observations and keep amuzing us.
Well Rishi Kapoor has done it again and this time its hystorical. Rishi Kapoor currently took over ZARA sale and mocked them on Twitter in some different way.


Rishi Kapoor just posted this quirky joke about the ZARA sale that has been doing the rounds on the internet for some time now.

This twit was taken over by his followers and Karan Johar is no exception there. Karan Johar found that twit hystoric.


This gone viral and followers kept retwitting it. well this is really interesting and funny. And in India you have freedom of speech so you can express your thoughts without any doubts.
keep smiling because laughter is the best medicine…

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