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Samsung’s Sunrise Gold Galaxy S9 is coming to the US after all

This week, Samsung released two new color options for the Galaxy S9 and S9+, Burgundy Red and Sunrise Gold. Unfortunately, the initial announcement of both color options didn’t specifically mention the United States market; only that more markets would be coming soon. Samsung usually didn’t release the nicer colors in the US with the Galaxy S6 and much later into the Galaxy S7’s cycle when the Coral Blue color was released for the edge model.

Well, it looks like at least the Sunrise Gold color is coming after all. Evan Blass tweeted a couple of images of American variants of the Galaxy S9 and S9+ in Sunrise Gold. We know these are American versions because they have the phone’s name stamped on the back while other versions only sport the Samsung branding on the back.

This makes Sunrise Gold the fourth color option in the US. Currently in the States, you can only buy the Galaxy S9 or S9+ in Midnight Black, Coral Blue, or Lilac Purple. Samsung hasn’t officially said when Sunrise Gold will hit shores, but perhaps it’d be a good idea to debut the color as Samsung revives the Samsung Galaxy Made for Summer ad campaign for the Galaxy S8 last year.

News credit : Gsmarena