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Samsung Confession : The Galaxy Note 7 is dead

Samsung Galaxy Note7 is dead : Samsung has announced that it is permanently ending the production of Galaxy Note7 around the world

Samsung said that “Taking our customer’s safety as our highest priority, we have decided to halt sales and production of the Galaxy Note 7 “.The Korean smartphone giant has pulled the plug on one of its most important device after spending months trying to fix the battery issue. Samsung Galaxy Note7, which was launched on August 2 in New York, has been a controversy kid in the tech industry for the past few months.

Soon after Galaxy Note7 went on sale in August, consumers started reporting overheating issue before the device caught fire. The initial reports concluded that device caught fire when charging and the battery made by Samsung’s SDI was found faulty. Samsung soon switched to a different battery supplier and relaunched Note7 with green battery indicator. But Galaxy Note7 turned out to be a black eye for the Korean smartphone maker.

Replacement Galaxy Note7 devices started exploding few days later, with multiple reports of fire being reported in the United States. Samsung, which tried to underplay the issue, has finally ended the run of one of the best designed smartphone this year.

Samsung has already lost a great deal of market share owing to the existing issues with Galaxy Note7. Samsung’s stock value was rubbed off by nearly $17 billion after the stock declined 8 per cent. Samsung has not confirmed how many replacement Galaxy Note 7 devices will be affected by the announcement. Samsung Galaxy Note 7 debuted to rave reviews but the company failed to fix a critical flaw with one of the best industrial designs yet.

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