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Samsung phones on Oreo will give descriptive file names to screenshots

If you are anything remotely like us, you have folders upon folders filled to the brim with screenshots that carry unconspicuous file names like “Screenshot_20171208-133036” and the likes of it. That’s a fairly normal practice and no one should really have a problem with that since a screenshot is often rather self-explanatory.

However, Samsung thinks that it can improve on that  with the Android Oreo version of its Samsung Experience interface. As uncovered by SamMobile, the Oreo build of the firmware automatically names screenshots in accordance to what app was on-screen during the capture. For example, taking a screenshot of your home screen to show off your setup will start with “Screenshot_Samsung_Experience Home”, whereas screenshotting a video in the YouTube app will aptly start with, you guessed it, “Screenshot_YouTube”. Conversely, you can expect screenshots taken within other apps to be named similarly.

Albeit a small touch, this upcoming change for all owners of eligible Samsung devices will create order in the otherwise chaotic screenshot folders and make things a bit more organized on a system level. 

Good job, Samsung!

News credit : Phonearena

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