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Sean Spicer Unveils a Wax Melania, and Says Little More Than She Does

The name of the feature is “Give Melania a Voice.”

“Have you ever thought of what it would be like to be Melania Trump?” the instructions read, adding a caveat: “Have fun but please don’t be mean!”

In his discussion with Ms. Haughney, Mr. Spicer described the wax Melania as “unbelievably lifelike.” But he had some trouble coming up with a specific anecdote to share about the real Melania when prompted.

“She’s gracious and caring,” he said. “Very interested in who you are and the issues you have in your life. And I think, you know, that’s kind of who she is. She’s a very supportive — she’s very well-read and always interested in what’s happening and, to the extent possible, willing to share her thoughts and ideas about what’s going on.”

“Amazing!” Ms. Haughney replied.

The Tussauds appearance — for which Mr. Spicer was not compensated, according to a spokeswoman — was part of a publicity push by the former press secretary for his memoir, “The Briefing,” which is scheduled to be released in July.

A promotional flyer for the book promises readers “a roller-coaster ride” through his White House tenure. Mr. Spicer, who appears smiling on the book’s cover, said he was working with “a good team of folks” and called the writing process “a little therapeutic.”

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