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Shame on CBFC –Aamir Khan

Udta Punjab has kept its controversy constant, Firstly for its name and then cutting scenes from it. And now leak before its release has again the topic of gossip in Bollywood and all the fans.

On Leak when it was asked to Aamir Khan this is what he said “I am not sure whether it was a CBFC copy. But if it’s a censor copy then it’s a shame on CBFC, it reflects very badly on them. Piracy is an issue, which we all have been fighting for a very long time”.

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The movie has been leaked on various torrent web-sites with ‘for censor’ written on top left corner sparkling CBFC’s alleged involvement. Aamir has also supported Udta Punjab fight against CBFC.

Aamir requested his fans to watch the movie in the theaters only and he himself said he will watch the movie in Ludhiana where his current movie is being shot.

Aamir said “I am quite excited about the film and eagerly waiting for it. It’s a good decision by the Bombay High Court. I will be watching it here because I am shooting now.”

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