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Style your Home with Elegant, Modern Furniture Starting from AED 99 only on Souq

Styling your home is the most exciting experience. You got to decorate your place, come up with exciting new ideas alongside making furniture choices which reflect your very own style and at Souq you can buy the latest, modern and elegant furniture within an affordable range starting just at AED 99 only.

Furniture that enhances the look and feel of your place is what one looks for. And, one can buy from an extensive range exclusively available on souq.com. Not just this, you can also select from numerous Souq offers and the furniture is categorized into various sections like storage and organization; tables; sofa, bean bags, and ottomans; chairs and benches; mattresses; bed, bed frames and accessories; and office furniture. Available in innumerable colours, the furniture on Souq is trendy and super stylish.

Furniture Must-Haves for Your home

Kids Room Furniture

Decorating your child’s bedroom or playroom is a great way to foster some creativity and create depth in the room. Using wallpaper or wall graphics and string lights can be easy to replace regularly as interests change and are a great way to avoid repainting a room regularly. Wall decorations and hangings help make a bedroom or playroom feel unique and are easy to customize to your child’s changing tastes! Along with room decor new creative and appealing bed can make your kid feel new and rejuvenated in the room. These items are available on Souq in your budget prices.

The Forest Animal Cartoon Removable Wall Stickers for Kids Rooms Home Decor DIY Wallpaper Art is perfect printed wallpaper that can change the entire look and feel of the room. The wallpaper is available on Souq at 12.99 AED only.

The Cartoon World Map DIY Wall Stickers Art Decor Mural Room Decal Decals Sticker is perfect for your grown up child, it’s pretty, playful and informative at the same time. This cartoon map will make your kid acknowledge places in the map and it will be fun too.

These wallpapers can be removed and repositioned instantly and are totally harmless to the applied surface. It’s easy to apply them as well because of their easy sticking properties. They can be placed on wall, fridge, tile or any other hard surface.

An array of kid’s beds is available on souq.com in various styles and designs. These beds are very startling and your kids are going to them. The car shaped children’s bed is great for any type of kid’s room. The bed is slim and sleek constructional design such that it does not take up space especially in small kid’s room. The bed is made from high-quality wood that makes it durable and lightweight. This bed is available in 63% off on Souq and can be bought in 737.10 AED.

Another strawberry kid’s bed is red-coloured which goes with any décor and is perfect for your baby girls’ room. This bed comes in 62% discounted price at a price of 756.00 AED only.

The Vogue Children’s Work Desk has a sleek and smooth finish. Place it in your child’s room for their own personal workspace and its oak finish will compliment any home decor. This work desk can be bought in 99.00AED on a discounted price of 67%.

Sofa, bean bags and Ottomans

Sofa, bean bags and Ottomans are great addition to any place and make any place truly new and inspiring. A sofa needs to be comfortable and stylish, but you should also make sure to invest in one that’s of high quality so that it lasts you many years to come.

The Villa 39 foldable sofa cotton comfy floor seat with turquoise stripes is a soft comfy floor cushion for extra seating in any space. The sofa pairs perfectly with our other colours of comfy organic seats. The sofa can be bought on Souq at a never been seen discount of 80% and only in 251.37 AED. This foldable sofa comes in 4 variations and colours.

The Vogue, rocking mechanism recliner chair in colour brown is available on eye popping 67% discounted price only in 559.00 AED. This chair is made of PU leather to bring maximum comfort to your living area. Rocking and reclining functions in the chair provides gentle back and forth movement.

The leather kern modern arm lounging chair with Ottoman in black colour is a luxury wooden leisure chair. The material used in the chair is PU upholstery. It comes with luxury walnut wooden covers for back and Seat. It has a fixed Leisure Mechanism without Recliner. You can steal the deal in just 1,575.00 AED on a discounted price of 79%.

Storage and Organization furniture

The Vogue multi-purpose cabinet is a simple and stylish piece. It has a sleek and smooth finish. Its versatile nature makes it so that it can be placed in any space and its minimalistic temperament will compliment any home decor. This Multipurpose cabinet is marked down on a 78% off on the price and can be brought only in 99AED only on souq.

The Vogue Rotating Open Shelf Stand with 5 Shelves is a stylish piece and have a smooth and sleek finish. It can be placed in any space and its oak finish will compliment any home decor. It features five open shelves that stand on a rotating platform. This rotating shelf can be brought in 99 AED at 85% discount.

The Vogue Multi-purpose Cabinet is also available on 99AED on 86% discount. Its multi-purpose cabinet is versatile in nature and can be placed in any space and its minimalistic temperament will compliment any home decor.

The BRV movies rack with three Shelves in colour white is a great pick if your storage mantra is “things organized neatly,” this is the shelf for you. The open Reforested Wood frame brings contemporary style to space. Fits easily in tight corners, and it’s also a great fit in small spaces. It has a smooth and sleek finish. Made from good quality material to make it strong and long lasting. It is available in 2 package weights to choose from and in 99AED only.

The BRV Movies bookshelf with five shelves and one Cabinet in colour white is a bookshelf with five shelves and one cabinet from BRV Movies keeps a room open and bright. Its square shape fits easily in tight corners or next to a sofa. This bookshelf is also a great fit for small spaces. This bookshelf features five shelves to showcase collectibles and one spacious cabinet for storage. This shelf is available in 94.67 AED on a 75% discount.


The Masterbed Pokebed Mattress is a new and revolutionary product from Masterbed. Pokebed distributes the pressure of your body evenly. The Pokebed is soft and flexible. It is made up of the Mash-bed foam with the individual comfort of the pocketed springs. This mattress is available in 90cm*200cm size on an 88% discount. The mattress can be bought in 293.82 AED only on souq.com.

The air mattress from Oztrail, Queen Size is available on souq.com in 154.62 AED only. The product is discounted on 45%. The mattress provides edge to edge support with a level sleep surface ensures you awake refreshed and revitalized. The mattress is patterned as boxed wall with inner coil construction providing proper back support. The mattress is Ideal for camping or suitable for a spare bed at home.


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