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Is the era of hugging over? Some people sure hope so.

(Daniel Fishel for The Washington Post) It seemed like a perfectly timed message for girls as the #MeToo movement picked up steam. “Reminder,” read a headline on the Girl Scouts Facebook page late last year. “She Doesn’t Owe Anyone a Hug. Not Even at the Holidays.” But the reaction was …

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Vintage photos capture the spirit of Swinging London

The Swinging Sixties have been revived in London, thanks to a new exhibition of rare photographs from one of the generation’s most prominent — and controversial — fashion photographers. “Sixties Style: Shot by Duffy” at London’s Proud Central gallery brings together 30 images from the archive of Brian Duffy. Along …

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Vatican’s Sistine Chapel gets annual check-up

Written by Delia Gallagher, CNNRome, Italy For a whole month each year, from 5:30 to midnight, when all the tourists are gone, a team from the Vatican comes into the Sistine Chapel to clean it, check for damage and report on the health of some of the world’s most treasured …

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Laser mapping uncovers dozens of ancient Mayan cities

Written by Oscar Holland, CNN Advanced laser mapping has revealed more than 60,000 ancient Mayan structures beneath the jungles of northern Guatemala. Set across dozens of hidden cities, the discoveries include houses, palaces and a 90-foot-tall pyramid that was previously thought to be a hill. Made possible through special laser-equipped …

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