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Thief ended up in Stealing Passbook machine instead of ATM

Every Monday morning, I get up from the bed and ask myself the same question – “Where the fuck is my life headed? Has the Universe lost its sense of humour?”. And every now and then, we end up coming across a story that reinstates my belief in clinical stupidity and the chaos theory.

For us, a bad day is a lot like this:


Yes. We had to come to work under these conditions. FFS!

Or you know, when our salaries are finally here but this is the only movie that’s playing right now.

atm 2

They probably planned an Ocean’s 11 type of robbery but the end result was a lot like Dhoom 3.

This incident can also be construed as a classic example for a greater movement – #EducationForAll. Even robbers need education, guys. A lot of us regularly indulge in these banal discussions of school education not playing a part in our lives, but it clearly does. What more do you need?

The next time you crib about your life being sad AF, just remember this incident. Life can be a lot worse, man.

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