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This is how Much a Gold Medal Worth

The Olympics is a shining, glorious dream for athletes worldwide. Indian athletes are doing pretty well in the Rio Olympics with the Indian hockey team pushing forward into the quarter finals and Dipa Karmakar vaulting into the finals. After years of hard work and grueling grit, one athlete among countless others reach the podium, eyes glistening and proudly holding up the gold medal, but how much is this small golden disc really worth?

gold medal

If the medal was melted and then evaluated in terms of money, the athletes don’t get a lot. Since the Mexican games in 1968, medals are around 6.5 millimeters thick, 65.8 millimeters broad and weigh about 176.5 grams. The London Olympics handed out bigger medals which were about 375 to 400 grams.

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But the shiny medal isn’t made up entirely of gold. Only about 6 grams are real gold (24 karats) and the rest is made up of sterling silver which is 92.5 grams silver and the rest, copper. With skyrocketing prices of gold (a very real problem in India), a medal would cost about $366 or Rs. 24,467.08 and the London medals would cost about a measly $501 or Rs. 33,491.82.

Wired figured out how much they would cost of they were made of pure gold and it was a whopping $76,000 for a 3.35 pound gold medal which is Rs. 50,80596.20, OMG, I can’t even.

This is Really Surprising but as far as the worth is Considered we all know how Much Efforts it Require to Win even a bronze Because you are Up against the whole world there and beating all of them is never the less achievement it-self. And After all It Takes your sweat and Even Blood to win a competition. This athletes are real Heroes of Nation Without any second thought. Soooo, Go for the Gold.


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