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This Weekend,Get All Set To Give Your TasteBuds a PizzaParty



Having a Pizza and not wanting to share it is not a sin! It is called true love for your Pizza!


Dear Pizza lovers in Ahmedabad, get ready to raid this pizza place. ‘No Mad Baker’ has been a recognized name around the city for a while. And now they have a second location in the city where they serve their pizzas out of sheer love for the victual!


Started by three young’uns, Rohan, Regina and Varun; this outlet welcomes you with a whimsical décor. The cool graffiti wall and the timeline mesh will keep you engaged while you are waiting for your pizza. A cozy place serving steaming hot pizzas makes it the ideal place to spend the pleasant winter evening.


Their menu boasts of quite a wide range of pizzas ranging from regular veggies, herbs and meat to sweeter toppings like pineapples. The following are the options which you might truly relish!


For the love of Veg Pizzas ~

Vegetarian BBQ – The BBQ sauce is smoked for three hours and that is where the essence of this pizza lies! The first bite will give you the Smokey woody aroma and taste that is an absolute delight.

Vegetarian Quiche – This Pizza is served with white sauce, oodles of cheese and toppings of spinach and mushrooms. The aroma of the oregano simply cannot be missed and the flavours of spinach and mushrooms with cheese are classics that can never go wrong!


For the love of Non-Veg Pizzas:

Schezuan Chicken – This pizza is juicy! That says it all!!! A succulent pizza with its piquant sauce and well-cooked chicken.


The MAD – This is the NMB Special as they call it and just take a look and you will know why is it so special. A feast for your eyes, this pizza is loaded with pepperoni, chicken ham, chicken sausage, olives and red paprika on the bed of beautifully herbed red sauce.


A little sweet does no harm after a good pizza meal…right! And once you start with their Chocolate Tart, we bet you wouldn’t stop at having little. It is THE STAR and do not miss it for anything!!! The richness of the chocolate and the perfect crunchiness of the tart will melt your heart. Their dessert menu is still being whisked and baked. The chocolate tart ensures we can expect the sweet goodness from them.


Go ahead, visit them and indulge yourselves then!


Place: No Mad Baker Pizzeria

Address: GF24, Rivera Arcade, Prahlad Nagar, Ahmedabad

Contact: 099798 42374 – Dine Out or Get it Home Delivered (The hotter, the better! Dine Out!)

Website: www.nomadbaker.com

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/nomadbaker/

Authored by: Vaishnavi A. Patel

Source of news : Cityshor

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