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Trump Renews Attacks on Comey Before Turning to Praise of Korean Talks

Mr. Comey is not under federal investigation for leaking classified information or lying. The memos he kept about his interactions with the president are believed to be evidence in a possible obstruction of justice case against Mr. Trump being pursued by the special counsel, Robert S. Mueller III. Mr. Trump’s firing of Mr. Comey last May ultimately led to the appointment of Mr. Mueller.

Republican lawmakers have said that light redactions made to Mr. Comey’s memos by the Justice Department before their public release this month are proof that he leaked classified information. The Justice Department’s internal watchdog is reviewing whether classified information in the memos was handled appropriately.

In an interview with Fox News on Thursday, Mr. Comey pushed back against the accusation that he had leaked classified information. “That memo was unclassified then, it’s still unclassified,” Mr. Comey said.

Mr. Comey said Mr. Trump was the one who was making a “false statement.” He said: “He’s just wrong. Facts really do matter.”

Conservatives have seized on one of Mr. Comey’s proclamations in a Jan. 28, 2017, memo in which he wrote: “I said I don’t do sneaky things. I don’t leak. I don’t do weasel moves.”

In one of his memos, Mr. Comey described a conversation he had with Mr. Trump in which he told the president that leaks of classified information, specifically details of Mr. Trump’s conversations with foreign leaders, were “terrible.” Reports about Mr. Trump’s conversations with the leaders of Mexico and Australia roiled the White House during his first month in office.

“I said they were classified and he needed to be able to speak to foreign leaders in confidence,” Mr. Comey wrote in a Feb. 14, 2017, memo. Mr. Comey added, “[NOTE: because this is an unclassified document, I will be limited in how I describe what I said next].”

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