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Try these Latest Food Inventions at Cuppuccino!

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Cuppuccino Cafe- the place that is loved equally by the youngster and young a heart is here with the most unique dishes like Cheese Bun Sizzlers, Pizza Fondue, Schezwan Pull out, etc. that have never been heard of before!


Address- 1, Upper Level, HSG House, Vijay Cross Road, Navranpura | Contact- 99099 92478


The city is brimming with Cafes at every corner and cross-road! However, there are some places that always stay a step above the rest. Cuppuccino is one such place. Try their Cheese Bun Sizzler or the Pizza Fondues and you’ll know!


Happy Hours- Buy 1 Sizzler and get 1 Pasta Free! (12PM-4PM)


Here is a glimpse of our experience there-

Schezwan Pull out- The cheese simply keeps flowing and flowing!
Volcano Pizza- A volcano of Cheese! ‘Dip the crispy pizza pieces in the liquid cheese’ – is how you eat it!  
Pizza Fondue- Pizza in a manner we have never thought of, before!
Ravioli Pasta- Finally, the famous Ravioli Pastas available in Ahmedabad!
Cheese bun Sizzler- Their own invention, this has never been seen before anywhere else!


Got some pending work to go through? Do not feel like eating? Go for the shakes! We’d recommend the Cuppuccino In-house Shake.


Need to awaken your nerves? Go for Cafe Mocha!


Address- 1, Upper Level, HSG House, Vijay Cross Road, Navranpura.

Contact- 99099 92478

News credit : Cityshor

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