twitter hacked

Social networking is always been on top target by hackers and after MySpace and LinkedIn TWITTER is the new one to added in the list. A hacker who goes by the name Tessa88 claimed possession of over 37 crore accounts credentials. This information is given by LeakedSources on it’s BlogSpot. LeakedSource said the numbers might be 3 crore not 37 crore. According to CNET this information was sold on the dark side for 10 bitcoins.  On the other end twitter’s spoke person Techcrunch said “We are confident that this accounts were not obtained by Twitter data branch Twitter’s system is not been breached and moreover they are checking the data against password recently leaked. ”  Tessa88 was also the name of the hacker who stole information from VK, a Russian Social Networking Site known as Russia’s Facebook. In recent times large number of celebrity accounts are claimed to be hacked which includes some big names like Katy Perry, Lana Del Rey etc. this list even includes Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg and Former Twitter CEO and Co-founder Evan William.


So is it true that our privacy is at risk?

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